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Nov 6, 2012 7:30pm EST
of massachusetts we are projecting she has defeated scott brown, the republican. you may recall that brown won the seat of ted kennedy in 2010 and has stood for reelection now and has been defeated by elizabeth warren. this is a pickup for the democrats. republicans were hoping to win four more seats than they started with to take control of the senate chamber but now the democrats have picked up one more seat than they had at the beginning of the evening. byron pitts is following the senate races for us. byron? >> scott, this was the most closely watched senate race of the season and the second most expensive with virginia. with this pickup for democrats in the senate the window isn't closed yet for republicans but the shades come down. in massachusetts, the senate seat there goes to democrat elizabeth warren. she defeats moderate republican senator scott brown. this was always going to be a tough race for brown because of the way voters break down in massachusetts. 52% of voters in massachusetts say they're independent. 36% say they're democrats. and just 12%. a small number, say t
Nov 6, 2012 4:00pm PST
on e governor's final push for hs tax initiative. allen. [sot 1: gov. jerry brown] "i have a sense that people are ready to invest in their fue which is the kids, and california and balanced budt going forward." we'll be back in 25 minutesh more local election coverag. now back to cbs news and sct pelley. show open ,,,,,,,, >> pelley: the polls have just closed in three more states in this presidential election, including the swing state everybody will be watching tonight, the state of ohio. and another swing state, north carolina. no projections in either of those states or in virginia yerchghyet,another big battle g. let's look at the presidential race now as it stands right now. the state that you see in blue, the state of vermont is the president's first win today. mitt romney we project will be the winner in indiana, kentucky and in west virginia. the states that you see in white are states where the polls have now closed but we do not yet have enough information on which to base a projection. as we were saying, mitt romney has just picked up the state of west virginia. now yo
Nov 6, 2012 11:30pm EST
races. elizabeth warren has won against scott brown in massachusetts. that is mitt romney's home state and he lost there tonight as well. in missouri, claire mac cast skill cast kill retained her seat. in indiana, that republican congressman who made headlines by appearing to suggest that rape could be part of god's plan. richard mourdock lost. in connecticut, linda mcmahon who spent millions of her own money lost to democrat chris murphy. colorado, a marijuana leaguization initiative -- legalization initiative is doing well there. its supporters cannot exhale yet. still more votes to be counted. in massachusetts some marijuana piece of ledgelation is also doing well. -- legislation is also doing well. democrats in charge of the senate, republicans in charge of the house, president obama in charge of the united states. we go into the policy fights over the fiscal cliff and budget policy in the months ahead. >> thank you, gary. >>> as we have learned to our sadness over the years, happiness and excitement of an election night victory quickly pales once you have to deal with the tough re
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3